Several Nigerian Dwarf babies available. Males & Females. Most have blue eyes. Not papered. All dehorned.

Nigerian Dwarf Kids

As some of you may know, we also have a petting zoo. While American Miniature Pigs are our main focus, we also breed other animals. Most of the time, we keep them to work in our petting zoo. However, occasionally we offer them for sale. We only breed Babydolls as our breed of choice for sheep and we only breed Nigerian Dwarf goats as our breed of goats. Both are technically considered miniature breeds as they are smaller than most of the other breeds. Here we will post the Babydolls and Nigerian Dwarfs we are parting with.


$300 each

(909) 200-5999


We have a handful of shetland/babydoll lambs for sale right now. Contact us for info and pictures of the available lambs. Photos on the website are of last years lambs. Not current babies.