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We don't only breed mini pigs. We have another business called Haley's Petting Zoo Village where we offer a Mobile Petting Zoo, Pony Rides, All Pig Petting Zoo, & Individual animals for hire.


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We are not a piglet petting zoo. For that reason we are very strict on who we allow on our farm and we have strict policies in place. We want to ensure that everyone we allow on our farm is serious about owning a piglet and taking one home, and not that they just want to hold a piglet and call it a day. You will be required to fill out an adoption form prior to visiting. If it is approved we can then schedule a visit. During this visit you will be allowed to see our adult and their size. You'll be able to ask any questions you may have. You'll be able to see the piglets from their pen but you will not be able to handle them. It is a $50 fee for this visit. If you decide to move forward a place a deposit on a piglet during your visit then the fee is applied toward for deposit.

If you have a deposit placed on a piglet we host 1-2 visits where everyone with deposits on piglets from that litter come out and you're able to interact with your piglet before taking them home. This is one set date that we schedule and we hope everyone can make it but that isn't always the case. We try to do our best to accommodate everyone.

We are proudly an AMPA Registered Breeder of American Miniature Pigs. This means we follow a strict code of ethics and are held to a higher standard.

  • We only sell to adopters that have filled out an adoption form and have been approved.
  • Visits are done on a very limited basis, and for a fee.
  • All of our piglets leave spayed or neutered.
  •  We will only sell breeders to AMPA breeders.
  •  All of our piglets go home between 6-8 weeks of age. We will NOT sell a bottle baby!
  •  We give rough estimates of how big our piglets will mature to by height and length only. We do not weigh our pigs.
  •  You must be zoned to have a pig where you live.
  •  Offering shipping anywhere in the United States for an additional $fee.
  •  If you ever cannot keep your piggy we require that you bring them back.