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We don't only breed mini pigs. We have another business called Haley's Petting Zoo Village where we offer a Mobile Petting Zoo, Pony Rides, All Pig Petting Zoo, & Individual animals for hire.


We are proudly an AMPA Registered Breeder of American Miniature Pigs. This means we follow a strict code of ethics.

  • We only sell to adopters that have filled out an adoption form and have been approved.
  • We charge $25 to visit the farm. If you purchase/place a deposit on a piggy during your visit it will go towards the final price of the piglet.
  • All of our piglets leave spayed or neutered.
  •  We will only sell breeders to AMPA breeders.
  •  All of our piglets go home between 6-8 weeks of age. We will NOT sell a bottle baby!
  •  We give rough estimates of how big our piglets will mature to by height and length only. We do not weigh our pigs.
  •  You must be zoned to have a pig where you live.
  •  Offering shipping anywhere in the United States for an additional $350
  •  If you ever cannot keep your piggy we require that you bring them back.